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Marguerite Humeau

Martuerite Humeau sculptures in an exhibition in New York

Marguerite Humeau is one of the artists that we are proud to have an ongoing relationship with. 

At London Stone Carving we have carved a large series of sculptures for the London based artist . Produced over a period of several years, these modern sculptures were carved from a mixture of English and Spanish alabaster and Portland stone.  


The sculptures were digitally designed and our team were presented with 3D printed models to carve from. This innovative approach was a challenge from a carving perspective as the process of digital design is so different from the traditional carving process. Our team had to adapt our style of working to ensure the digital qualities of the sculptures were retained. 

This series was based on reimagined prehistoric Venus figures, discovered across Europe.

The sculptures have been widely exhibited across Europe and America in world renowned galleries and art fairs from the White Cube gallery in London to Art Basel in Miami. 

Title: Birth Canal, exhibition view, New Museum, New York

Year: 2018

Materials: Scent (Vanillin, ambroxide, Virginian juniper, Australian sandalwood, patchouli, anise, heliotropin, bergamot orange, vetiver, rosemary, cedar leaves, muscenone), sound, lights, bronze, stone

Image Credit: Julia Andréone

Courtesy the artist, C L E A R I N G New York/Brussels

BIRTH CANAL - NM - 17.jpg
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