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Stone Carving Services

To be a professional stone carver demands more than the ability to put hammer to chisel, it requires the carver to have expertise in draughtsmanship, modelling, casting, logistics and material handling. Whatever the requirements our extensive skills are called upon in every project, we tailor our service to your needs focusing on the smallest of details whilst never losing sight of the whole.

Ornamental Lion hand carved in Limestone

Commissioning New Sculpture

It is a deeply personal experience to commission a new work of art, the requirements for each sculpture will be different, likewise the desires of each client are unique. 


Our task therefore, is to get to know you first, find out what is required from the sculpture and how to make it truly bespoke to you. With this insight we can tailor our involvement to the demands of your project. Bringing to it our deep knowledge of the canon of sculptural design and understanding of the material of stone.

Restoration and Conservation

A large amount of our work consists of working on, restoring and conserving historic buildings.

We can guide you through material selection and suitability and provide technical consultancy ensuring that the project is managed with the utmost sensitivity. 

Whatever the subject matter we take full responsibility, liaising with any relevant architects, engineers, builders and designers.

Hand carved feet from a stone bench
JG0231 SPACE MIRRORS MIND John Giorno 2022_67141.jpg

Art Fabrication

To embody somebody else's ideas you have to come from a place of quiet respect, where a balance is won between our knowledge of the limitation of different types of natural stone and our ability to reproduce your concepts with efficiency and sensitivity to the original idea.


Being classically trained and having a wealth of experience has allowed us to develop new techniques and ways of pushing what is possible. We regularly work across different mediums collaborating with other crafts people to produce exciting new works of art.

Lettering and Memorials

Writing in stone is powerful, it states the importance of your words. Whether you are wanting to commemorate an event or simply state the name of a special place, saying it in stone is lasting and effective. Carving letters is like handwriting every letter is slightly nuanced from the previous, allowing inscriptions to be full of life, capturing a moment in time. 

Lettering Polish RAF shield, Portland stone copy.jpg

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