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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a selection of our most asked questions, if you can't find the answer to any of your queries then don't hesitate to contact us.

Q    -

What stone should I use for my sculpture? 

The choice of stone depends on the design, size, and location of the sculpture. We can help you choose the best stone for your project, based on your preferences and requirements. 


Q    -

How long does it take to complete a stone carving sculpture? 

Much depends on the complexity of the design and the size of the sculpture. For example; a life size figure may take up to a year, where as a simple headstone could take a matter of weeks. We can provide you with a timeline for your project once the design is finalised. 

Q    -

How much would a stone sculpture cost? 

At London Stone Carving we pride ourselves on ensuring our full attention goes into each piece. Exquisite sculpture is our raison d’etra, Our prices reflect this.

Q    -

Will the sculpture be durable and able to withstand outdoor weather conditions? 

Yes, we use the highest quality stone, weather resistant design and finishing techniques to ensure that the sculpture is durable and can withstand outdoor weather conditions.

Q    -

What maintenance will be required for the sculpture? 

Minimal maintenance is required for a stone sculpture. London Stone Carving can provide you with guidance on how to care for your sculpture to ensure that it remains in excellent condition. 

Q    -

How will the sculpture be transported and installed? 

The sculpture will be carefully transported and installed by the London Stone Carving team, using specialist equipment and techniques. 

Q    -

What is the payment process for commissioning a stone carving sculpture? 

The payment process for commissioning a stone carving sculpture will be discussed and agreed upon before work begins, and will typically involve a deposit and installment payments.


Q    -

What kind of tools will I need for the course, do I need to bring anything? 

We will provide you with all the necessary tools, equipment and materials for the course, just bring durable clothes you don't mind getting dusty, and fingerless gloves.

Q    -

Do I need previous experience in stone carving to attend the course?

No previous experience in stone carving is required to attend the course, but if you do have experience we will adjust for your ability.

Q    -

What type of stone will be provided for the course? 

London Stone Carving will provide you with high-quality limestone usually Portland.


Q    -

How many hours will the course run each day?

The course typically runs for 6.5 hours each day.



Q    -

How many students will be in the course? 

The course is limited to a small number of students to ensure that each student receives individual attention and guidance, we keep a ratio of 4 students per tutor or less. 

Q    -

Will I be able to complete a project during the weekend course? 

Yes, you will be able to complete a small project during the weekend course, although the priority is to learn the craft rather than create a finished piece, the skills you gain will mean you finish the piece and create your own moving forward.

Q    -

Will there be instruction on different techniques of stone carving?

Yes, the course will cover a range of stone carving techniques and skills. 


Q    -

What is the cost of the weekend course? 

The cost of the weekend course will be £300 private tuition will be discussed and agreed upon.

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