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About London Stone Carving

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The old ways, reimagined.

Once upon time, carving workshops were common place. Every building required a level of ornamentation and decoration, even social housing, and for the most lavish buildings; beautifully ornate interior design. These workshops were a one-stop-shop, solely for the design and manufacture of decorative carving.

We believe there is still a desire for exquisite carving and have brought back the ‘Carving Shop’ ideal, but, with the inclusion of advanced modern technologies that widen the scope of what is possible. Not everything has changed though, all modeling, design and carving is still done patiently by hand.

What makes us different

London Stone Carving is unique in its concept. Unlike traditional large conservation corporates and stone suppliers who employ different people for different tasks; we are a co-operative of artists and master craftsmen who are highly trained and experienced in all aspects of stone work and aesthetic history. This enables us to really get to know you and have a level of focus and dedication to your project that a larger company could not afford.


It is our deep understanding of stone carving and masonry that enables us to take an idea and create a lasting object, but it is our basis in art and design that enables us to give that object flair and bring it to life. We offer every project our undivided attention no matter how big or how small.


Having met whilst studying at City and Guilds of London Art School, our team were drawn together by common aspirations; to create lasting stone sculptures that ensure that beauty is incorporated into the modern landscape, and to not to let the story of stone carving stop here...

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Our Story

London Stone Carving was formed to bring together the skills and knowledge of four experienced craftsmen, to create a modern company specialising in stone sculpture and architectural stone carving.


Collaboration is core to our enterprise and has proven time and again to get the best results.

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Approach and Philosophy

Working as a team has enabled us to take on large scale carving projects with tight deadlines and execute them with an efficiency and quality, of which we are very proud. Cooperation allows for a larger, more diverse range of skills and knowledge to be applied to every piece of work and ensures that rigorous scrutiny and critique is present throughout the production.

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