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Bat Gargoyle
for Ripon Cathedral

A hand carved gargoyle of a daubenton bat on Ripon Cathedral

Cathedral Architect, Oliver Caroe RIBA AABC of Caroe Architecture Ltd (the architect to Ripon Cathedral) set up a competition in 2015 to design a new replacement gargoyle for Ripon Cathedral. The project was funded through a grant from the Cathedral Fabric Commission for England’s (CFCE’s) First World War centenary cathedral repairs fund. London Stone Carving team member Tom Nicholls won the competition based on his concept and design.


After extensive research the unique design would be based on the Daubenton’s Bat, an endangered species local to the Cathedral on the River Skell. This particular species with its large hairy toes and curious dynamic forms on its ears lent itself well to expression in the Gothic Style.  The natural features of the Daubenton’s Bat were abstracted with stylistic reference to the existing gargoyles and the Gothic style in general. Carved from Highmoor Magnesian Limestone the gargoyle was very well received and now springs from its roost on the North Choir Aisle as a fully functioning overflow for rainwater. 

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