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Stone carving classical dolphins
Stone pile
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Stone Sculpture Specialists

With expertise in design, classical sculpture and architectural detail, we create works in stone which stand the test of time.

We take this ancient craft, bring it right up to date and relish the challenge to make extraordinary works of art.

Creating a Masterpiece

We live in a fast-pace, throw away society where time is precious and detail often over looked.  At London Stone Carving we follow a different ethos. We approach our craft with mindful consideration, and venerate the inclusion of ornament.

Whether carving a statue, engraving a headstone or producing a sculpture for an Artist; each project is handcarved using age old methods which largely remain unchanged from the techniques of artisans from antiquity. 

From stone selection, through fabrication, to the final installation we are meticulous in the search of perfection . 

Our Work

Become a Stone Carver

We love teaching it enable us to talk about our craft and pass on our knowledge and skills in the hope that this historic craft is passed on to future generations and the skills are kept alive. 

Written in Stone

Your opportunity to say something that could be heard in thousands of years time. Hand carved using the same techniques that have remained unchanged for centuries we create beautiful bespoke lettering that will last as long as the Rosetta Stone.

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