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How is London Stone Carving Different?

Old photo of men in the workshop at Bowmans

Historically, architectural and ornamental carving was taken to large workshops of trained carvers, whose sole focus was to keep up with the appetite for highly decorated buildings and surroundings. With the rise of minimalism came the demise of ornamentation and so the collapse of these great carving shops.


London Stone Carving looks to the past and takes from these erstwile studios the idea of unity,

creating a dynamic atmosphere that is both productive and progressive. 

Old Ethos, New Technology

One of the most exciting and rewarding aspects about reinstating the bygone ethos of working as a team, has been the new technological innovations that we have developed.  A result of spending so much time together in a workshop is the back and forth of ideas, some of which never materialise, and others which over time are sculpted and finessed until finally they blossom into reality. Our passion for using historic techniques is only rivalled by our desire to keep them alive. The biggest challenge we face is the ability in a fast culture to spend the time so ardently needed to practice these crafts.


Working together we have found solutions to this biggest of problems. By embracing technology that speeds up the mechanical removal of stone we are able to focus more time on creating exquisite works. These techniques are not to be confused with the likes of CNC machines or other computer driven carving aids, we stand firm against any machine that takes away the human element in the work.

Statue of Prince Albert roughed out in stone
Sculptor carving a relief panel of leaves in stone
detail shot of hand carving Queen Victorias

The Artistic Touch

Working with artists and crafts people is always an intimate experience. One area where we differ immeasurably from the stone carvers of old is our artistic freedom. As artists working together we are able to utilise creative thinking. A careful balance of individualism within the team empowers us to be daring and work to our strengths, resulting in a more considered outcome. 

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