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Our Story

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The Early Days

London Stone Carving was conceived in Peckham in 2014. The team met at the City and Guilds of London Art School and formed a close bond; unified in our vision to forge a career in stone carving. It was plain to all involved that there were no companies offering jobs creating stone sculpture, the scene was a disparate array of one man bands, fine art sculptors and building restoration contractors. 

Aware of the legacy of stone carving workshops of old, we were determined to create a stone carving workshop fit for the 21st century. A company specialising in stone sculpture in all its forms. 

Stone carving tools on a workbench covered in dust
Sculptor working on a stone carving in the new London Stone Carving studios
Working as a team to move heavy statues of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert

Joining Forces

The mission then, remains the mission today; a one stop shop for sculptural commissions, public sculpture, statuary, art fabrication, letter carving, ornamental and ecclesiastical work. The benefits of collaboration were immediately clear. Combining skills, specialisms and know how, the team were able to establish a strong portfolio and began winning ambitious sculptural projects. 


We are bound by the desire to create work of exceptional quality and permanence. To date our work has been exhibited across several continents, and adorns multiple buildings of national renown such as The Royal Albert Hall, Buckingham Palace, Strawberry Hill House, Pembroke College, Cambridge and the Queens College, Oxford. Our passion for our craft is effervescent, and it is this passion that translates into the quality of work we produce.

Gilded room at Strawberry hill house

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