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Knuckle Bones Sculpture Fabrication 

Large stone carvings of Knuckle bones in a playground

Knucklebones or Jacks is a game of ancient origin that dates back thousands of years and was popular among children.


Working with the artist and sculptor Alexandra McKenzie, we carved a collection of 8 large stone knuckle bones, for Urswick school in Hackney; as a nod to the original school on the site that dated back to the middle ages. The sculptures which double up as seating, form part of a larger immersive sculpture courtyard that was being newly created at the school. 


Carved in a selection of stones, from Derbyshire Mandale fossil limestone, Spanish Nero Marquena Marble and Moca Crème Portuguese limestone, the colours of which complemented the surrounding buildings and the Ragg-Stone paving. 

Knucles 2psd.jpg
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