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Victoria and Albert
for the Royal Albert Hall

Lifesize statues of Queen Victoria & Prince Albert hand carved in stone

In 2020 we were commissioned to design two life sized statues of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Royal Albert Hall. The brief was to complete the original architectural intention and to fill two empty niches on the Northern porch overlooking Hyde Park with a new concept and design which would recognise the vision and monarchy of the founding period of the hall. In the original plans for the hall only a faint undetailed watercolour rendering suggested that they intended to fill the alcoves. 

We proposed creating the two statues, one each of Victoria and Albert as they were on the day of the opening of The Great Exhibition. The Great Exhibition of 1851 which took place in Hyde Park symbolises the height of Victorian achievements and was one of the defining points of the nineteenth century. The event is still widely recognised to be Prince Albert’s crowning achievement and the money raised from the exhibition helped to buy the surrounding land where the Royal Albert Hall now stands. We felt that this moment is essentially the seed from which the Albert Hall grew, and was the perfect moment to reflect upon and commemorate the 150th anniversary. 

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