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Art Fabrication

Marguerite Humeau sculptures in gallery

In other areas of stone carving it may be prudent to imbue our own individual character into what we are carving, however within the framework of art fabrication this is not the case.


We work closely with you, the artist or sculptor, to get an intimate understanding of your concepts, vision and personal methodology so that we can accurately replicate your style. 

Scaffold clamp carved in stone

Technical Advice and Limitations

Stone is an incredible natural material, each block holds within it a multitude of posibilities. It is however a natural product and has limitations. This is where our extensive knowledge of differing types of stone and their properties will be of ultimate use. We can talk through what you are aiming to convey and advise you on your possibilities. 

margurite humeau scuplture in foam being unwrapped

Sensitivity and Discretion

We have worked with many high profile artists and their representative galleries and take the discretion of working on your undisclosed concepts very seriously. As artists ourselves we understand what it means to have something unveiled at a private view and have signed non disclosure agreements in the a past to legally bind this discretion.  We will only ever use any images of your work with your full consent and knowledge. 

Speak With Our Team

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