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Restoration and Conservation

Restored Fireplace at Strawberry Hill House

There are many different factors which can affect a stones ability to endure. To tackle the peculiarities of individual restoration projects these factors need first to be diagnosed. From a point of understanding, methodology can then be preposed, decided upon and sensitively executed.


Restoration or Conservation is often painstaking but is always rewarding, knowing that together you have done the utmost to preserve the heritage for future generations.

Historic Homes and Listed Buildings 

London Stone Carving have worked on some of Britain's finest heritage sites : V&A, Houses of Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Kew Gardens, Natural History Museum, Museum of London,  Tower of London , The Soane Museum, Strawberry Hill House and  Pitzhanger Manor to mention a few. 


To preserve a listed building and ensure it's survival requires sensitivity and information about the history and any previous interventions. It is also necessary to know about the environmental factors, maintenance issues and any material selection problems which may have occurred and be contributing to the decay of the fabric. We make use of modern technologies to aid us in this area; tool such as 3D scanning can be utilised to gain a forensically accurate map of the work before even touching the often delicate, friable surface. 

Gilded ceiling Strawberry hill house
Facade of a brick built town house in London with ornately carved panels.
Cleaning and conserving the shakespere statue fountain in Trafalgar Square, London
Replacement finger for the statue of shakespeare

Sculpture Restoration

Over the years the team members at London Stone Carving have been fortunate enough to restore various public statues along with historic and modern art sculptures.  From repairing small ornaments and garden sculptures through to conserving and restoring large public monuments by artists such as Henry Moore, Jacob Epstein, and Mark Quinn, no job is too small or large.    

Each job is treated with equal care and we are particularly aware of the importance of historical reference. Extensive research is carried out prior to commencing work so that any relevant historical information and reference that relates to a specific object can be found and used to inform the process. 

In dialogue with the client, a suitable method of approach is then established with sensitive material selection and careful handling, ensuring the best possible results. 

Soane roundal at Pitzhanger Manor

Project Management

Being the custodian of an object or building can seem like a huge responsibility and a daunting prospect. Safe-guarding is a multi-faceted discipline there can be a web of involved parties from scaffolders and architects to surveyors and local authorities. Either as a main contractor or as a sub-contractor we accompany and guide you through this important journey, liaising with third parties, ensuring it is pleasant and seamless.

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