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Lettering and Memorials

Hand carving lettering for a memorial

Marks in stone make up some of the earliest known representations of language. Since then words in stone have documented the most important events through history.


The hand carved letter gives more of an insight into the time and place that it was carved than than the words alone can provide, as each letter takes time and concentration to draw and carve.

hand carved lettering on paving stone floor
hand carved poem in welsh slate

Character and Life

Stone as a natural material provides parameters and limitations which cannot be fought. The hand can make slight alterations as you carve to reflect a full spectrum of light, shade and shadow. This allows the words to dance; the inscription taking on a different look depending on how the light hits it, the time of day and the environment. The personality and energy created when carving a letter by hand has a depth and nuance which cannot be replicated by sandblasting or CNC.


We believe that headstones should be a work of art; contemporary or classical, celebrating and immortalising the life of your loved one. The traditional hand carved approach ensures that vibrancy and soul is infused into the work, creating a most personal and heartfelt reminder. 

Clients often come to us with a rough idea of what they are looking for or images of examples that they have seen. We will then work with you to create some simple sketches outlining possible designs. Revised drawings are then developed based on your feedback. 

From traditional Cherubs or Celtic crosses; to animals, leaves and flowers or something totally bespoke and modern, we take a few themes relevant to the story or someone’s life and realise it as work of art.

Hand carving a bespoke stone headstone
No pressure carved in rough hewn slate
Snow Drop Memorial, Shepton Mallet
James Allen snowdrop memorial, Shepton Mallet, Somerset


When creating a memorial, stone has long been the natural choice ; given its ability to endure. A certain gravitas is given to a piece by the monumental energy involved in turning a bolder into a commemorative beacon which signifies the importance of the memorial.


Headstones and memorials can be bulky, awkward and often in hard to reach plots in crowded cemeteries, that requires careful navigation of ancient trees and unstable monuments. We employ both  stone age techniques and modern specialist lifting equipment to ensure headstones and memorials slip seamlessly into their surroundings. We liaise with any necessary organisation and adhere to the relevant  codes of practice to make sure our work is installed both permanently and safely, further enhancing these beautiful, reflective spaces.

Lifting memorial stone into place with a crain

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