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Jacob and the Angel Study

A minature Onyx carving of Jacob and the Angel by Jacob Epstein

A collector of modernist artwork commissioned a smaller version of the monumental 'Jacob and the Angel' statue after the sculpture by Jacob Epstein. The original stands over 3 meters tall and is on show in the Tate Britain’s permanent collection.  It was carved from an enormous block of Fauld Alabaster quarried in Nottinghamshire, now incredibly rare.


Macedonian Onyx was chosen for the reproduction, a very hard crystalline form of marble, which shares the mesmerising translucent qualities as that of Fauld Alabaster. 

The Onyx was an interesting material to use, requiring a different process to most marbles which are usually carved with chisels; the Onyx’s extreme hardness meant that the carving was entirely executed using abrasive diamond tools. 

Onyx Josh.jpg

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